About us

About us

We are a benchmark

JASA Internacional is part of the JASA Alimentación group. We are dedicated to the management of food brands, providing commercial, logistical, financial and marketing support for their development in Spain.

Bringing value to our clients 

We work with the leading brands in their respective segments and countries, offering our clients a wide range of products.  

We spot the latest trends in the European retail market and help our resident customers discovering them.  

We offer speed, punctuality and rigour in our deliveries thanks to our long logistic experience and processes in constant improvement. 

Ensuring the best service 

We achieve full traceability through our logistics system to guarantee the quality of all the products we serve.  

We supply products with the labelling required by Spanish regulations in order to fully inform the consumer.  

We constantly ensure the quality of our service with independent certification according to the IFS-Logistics standard.  


Various facts about us 

In just a decade, JASA Internacional has become a leader in the national market thanks to sustained growth. This success has been possible because of their vision, strategy and indeed as a result of the work of three generations, many years of learning and highly effective know-how. 

The Ayora family created Jasa Internacional in 2008 together with David Franks and Luis Tedesco. Those involved in the birth of the project are passionate people: they believe in the value of a rigorously controlled company, but they also know how to listen to their intuitions and business sense.

– From very early on, Jasa Internacional had an excellent fit in the market. It soon became an independent business within the parent company with a long tradition: Joaquin Ayora SA.

– This company had been created by Joaquín Ayora Rodríguez in 1982 as a LTD company taking on the representation portfolio started by his father, Joaquín Ayora Mateo, in 1945.

– Today, the parent company together with the Udinal and Jasa Internacional brands form a solid group. Each company has its own objectives, but they all share a common style based on the professionalism and perseverance that they inherited from the founder of the business. 

– From those early days the founding company, who represented major brands such as Miau, Font or Solsona in Valencia in the 40s and 50s, the Ayora family learned to be selective whilst retaining a professional approach to the marketplace.

– Under the guidance of the of the current Chairman and Managing Director, Joaquín Ayora Rodríguez, the company understood the value of a solid structure and set their sights on an ambitious future. 

Our abilities

Behind the Jasa Internacional brand there is a company dedicated to sales, distribution and representation in the food sector. A company that provides significant experience, structure and procedures to offer a comprehensive service. 

A solid structure

– 105 well-trained and motivated professionals 


– A sales team of 28 proactive people 


– 10,000 m2 of facilities 


– 10,000 m3 of freezer space 


– 3,000m3 of refrigerated warehousing 


– 24 delivery vehicles that transport 300(Tm) of product daily

An excellent geographical location

Our distribution reaches all regions of Spain, with special emphasis on cities where the expatriate residential market is important, including the Balearic and Canary Islands. We also supply the French and Portuguese markets.

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